Getting started with REC3RD | Setup Tutorials

Getting started with REC3RD | Setup Tutorials


How to start using REC3RD

Hello, Welcome to REC3RD.

Pre conceiving notion that you like REC3RD through media channels, and wanna understand how to actually start using it and integrate to your daily work life?

You’re at right place as this blog answers all these questions for you.

Installing from web store:

You can easily install REC3RD from Google Web Store / Microsoft web extension store using links you must have received in your email.

For other chromium browsers like Brave and Arc, you can use the chrome web store links here.

Signing into the extension and connecting youtube.

Once you have installed the application, you can pin REC3RD so that you ca easily access it later. Click on RE3RD logo and and sign in with your google account. This step is super crucial for our services to function as it directly connects to your youtube channel.

In case of No youtube channel,

Youtube channel is necessary for uploading your video. If you don’t have one or getting error that you dont have youtube channel, please Create channel using this link, It’s a simple 1-2 step process.

Once you have created your youtube channel, We are ready to start recording.

REC3RD for recording meetings

You can easily use REC3RD to start recording meetings for future references on the go without any major fatigue during the meeting.

REC3RD automatically detects any meeting link (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams meeting and Zoom Meetings) running in browser tab and prompts if you want to record the meeting.

On your approval, Meeting starts recording.

In case you clicked on “cancel” previously and changed your mind to record later, You can access REC3RD extension from top extension bar and click on start recording again.

Once you are done recording, You can clock on stop recording from Main controller interface of mini timer below and you will be redirected to “upload to youtube” page.

Here you can either download your video locally, and upload to youtube by filling in the titles, description and listing type.

Now your video is available on youtube based on your selection as you will see you are redirected to youtube studio dashboard post recording.