REC3RD vs. Loom | Top Loom Alternative for 2024

REC3RD vs. Loom | Top Loom Alternative for 2024


We have recently released REC3RD in open public beta and confident that it could be labeled as one of the top loom alternative in various aspects and multiple use cases.

We feel we have nailed a couple of usecases including using REC3RD to record various meetings in browser Gmeet, Microsoft teams and zoom meetings.

The recording time, even in free version is near to unlimited for any user any given day. We personally believe that even if we go pro, The core feature of REC3RD should be free to use without major limitations on usability.

We have taken a very different route in comparison to loom in terms of architecture without compromising usability and privacy, making REC3RD one of the best free alternatives of Loom for multiple use cases.

Key Features of REC3RD:

  • Upload directly to Youtube: No one thought that one could use youtube to store meetings for future reference, Share screencast of bugs, new features, share quick async messaging. However this features sets REC3RD apart from all other players.
  • Record Meetings on the go: This seems one of the most promising use cases for REC3RD as REc3RD extension automatically prompts whenever you go in to the meeting in the browser.

Enterprise meetings are usually chaotic, anxious for most of the people, People seem to miss the most important thing in the meeting, To Keep calm. in such a situation, How can you say no to such a calming message from REC3RD extension before your meeting starts? Also you can later store this meeting in youtube as unlisted or private mode for future references.

  • Record important async messages with least interactions in interface: Most of the recording tools require alot of configurations to get started with recording. Setting up rec3rd is very intuitive, with lil to no configurations required once you have created a youtube channel. You will not face any fatigue using REC3RD as your daily recording tool.

  • Download videos locally: In case you need video for editing, or any other purposes, You have ability to download videos int your PC and Mac.

Pros of using REC3RD:

  • Record your desktop window, and Chrome/Firefox and all other chromium browser tab with ease.
  • Share your videos quickly with team members
  • Directly upload to your youtube channel as per your desired listing mode (Public, Private, Unlisted)
  • Free version comes without any recording limitations in durations.


  • REC3RD don’t come with any editing interface post recording of video yet.
  • Compared to Loom, It might lack couple of AI features in their beta version. However you can expect a good future product roadmap post launch.